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So WTF even is a Molotov?

Definition: A bottle filled with flammable liquid such as petrol or other liquid fuel, with a piece of cloth in its top, that is ignited and thrown to create an explosion.

And how does that have anything to do with your business?

We’re here to ignite the fire that is your brand.

A Molotov is made from bare resources, which when combined, create a powerful (and explosive) tool. We don’t believe you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing your brand, because sometimes, the most powerful campaigns are created with limited and often the simplest of ingredients.

We believe we can ignite the fire of your brand with hard work, determination, creativity and a deep understanding of your key customers and competitive landscape. We’re here to support you in making an impact.



Our Team


Dave founded Molotov Creative in 2016 as a way to support brands with limited budgets, get their message heard online. His passion for learning and people has enabled him to develop international relationships that have endured the test of time. These relationships allowed him to travel to countries like Greece, Netherlands and the United States to hold workshops and seminars for brands. In his spare time you may find him lifting weights and listening to audiobooks. He is also obsessed with blockchain technology, passionate about training, developing and motivating individuals to hit their full potential and may be one of the first people to do a product shoot for a client in Antarctica.


Creative Director
Sophie is our Creative Director, specialising in all things content creation. Her passion for digital art, writing, visual branding and creating bespoke content, allow us to craft unique campaigns for each and every client. Outside of work you’ll probably still find her drawing or eating something good. And by good we mean really damn bad.. If it’s not fried she’s not having it! (No wonder why she loves working with hospo so much).


Head of Design
Wade is our head of design and has over 10 years of experience in graphic design, printing and manufacturing. He specialises in brand image and identity allowing us to create impactful brands that get noticed. His extensive knowledge in the print industry can give your business unlimited possibilities, take your business to new heights across all forms of media. When he isn't slaying designs you will find him brushing up on his art skills, making music or enjoying horror movies.

Our Work

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